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Matthew E. Kirby

Professor, Paleoclimatology

Graduate Committee Chair

California State University, Fullerton

Department of Geological Sciences

Fullerton, CA 92834

Ph.D., Syracuse University, 2001

Office Room: MH-276

Office Phone: (657) 278-2158

Lab Room: DBH-175

Lab Phone: (657) 278-3303



kirby walking with stick

The search for tsunami deposits in Oneonta Slough, CA (Spring 2012). Photo by Susan Cobo.




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Coring Ford Lake (May 2016). Funded by the Western National Parks Association.


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A Quick Overview: I research late Quaternary paleoclimates with a specific focus on the Holocene, although my interest extends into the last glacial/interglacial and their transitions. I endeavor to use multi-proxy, multi-disciplinary research methods that use historical records of climate change as a calibration for assessing past climate states. Although my present research is concentrated in lacustrine environments, I have worked in the marine realm. I suspect that my research will ultimately involve both terrestrial and marine settings as I attempt (i.e., as do many paleoclimatologists) to deconvolve the large-scale ocean-atmosphere (and solar) relationships that drive global climate change.


Interested in Getting a Master's Degree in Geology? If you're interested in paleoclimate studies and becoming a member of an exciting and growing department, please contact me at the e-mail address above (or the CSUF department in general).


CV (PDF - updated 10/18/18)


Research - I have stopped updating this link...too many lakes, too many projects. If you want to know what I am doing, check out our Facebook page for recent lab activity or see what we've published recently under the CV.


Fall 2017 (office hours: W 11:15-11:45am, 1:15-3:45pm or by appt.

GEOL 310T T Th 2:30-3:45pm

GEOL 510T Th 5-7pm


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